Extraterrestrial UFOs contra authentic Crop-circles, as messenger forms


Theoretically speaking, UFOs can come from any number of sources and directions, just as authentic crop-circles can; there need be no connection. But in the economy of guessing, if they both fulfill the same purposes, both use advanced energy technologies beyond our ken, and are also both sometimes seen hanging around together, we could suppose them to be members of the same gang.

Although we can't judge from inside or behind the UFOs, we can note societal responses to them, the effects they have had on us, and our own actual trends of belief about them. Anybody clever enough to regularly get to this time and place, and who can monitor us as well as UFOs evidently can, would have the technology to be aware of our general global responses to them (and quite possibly, of the encountering individual's spontaneous reactions to them too). My argument is based on our own historical and changing reactions.

UFOs have become a well-known, and according to modern Roper and Gallup polls (CNN, Time magazine, AP), a much believed in phenomena. Astronomers for instance now generally agree that by pure probability, intelligent life is most likely found at numerous other places than on our planet. Some of this higher life has had a much longer time to evolve than we have, and assuming they have not unwisely destroyed themselves, such beings could well be much more advanced socially and ethically, and in understanding the energetic laws of the universe.

In the USA, which is the tone-giving center for our international media, extraterrestrials are often thought of however on a scale of benevolent/malevolent : alien abductors, cattle maltractors, "the greys", demonic beings, etc. or our personal saviours, aryan-like beautiful extraterrestrials, guardian teams sent from stars of our preference.

It appears that various governments have had a long-term cover-up and disinformation conspiracy going (recent government whistle-blowers are officially confirming this), and much of the public also believes that some aliens have a malign conspiracy going too.

Here's another conspiracy possibility for good measure: Perhaps the governments (or other mega-powerful interest-groups), well aware that their traditional political and legal authority, huge military expenditures, nationalistic thinking, profit-oriented economy, and our multi-corporation-benefitting lifestyle of consumption...that this and more, would come into serious question by a general human awareness, based on irrefutable well-publicized proofs, that beings more advanced than us in social responsibility and wisdom, as well as in technological achievements like faster transportation and other everyday wonders of physics - that these beings have been approaching us at their will, at their chosen distance, with their own timing... then, these interest-groups or agencies might well purposely magnify the alien-conspiracy scare, for instance through backing appropriately horror-tinged media series, to create an enemy image of our visitors or helpers. We could suppose that the military treats UFOs hostilely simply because they can't dominate them, in case they were hostile (considering UFOs’ superior maneauverability, speed, and energy technology)(Catch-22 thinking).

But for sure, from 1946 to at least the mid-1960s, people who said they'd seen or closely experienced UFOs, were normally implied to be plain crazy, hallucinating or seeking over-much attention. Even now, claimed witnesses often encounter an unpleasant response of scepticism or suspicion from most listeners. Or humor. Or alternatively, awe and reverence - there's a religious fervor now among large numbers of people heralding UFOs as our personalized saviours, just waiting to pick us up or land and lead us aright in our last moment of peril. Numerous channelers report messages which, with their differing contents, to varying degrees undermine each other. You can choose your responses to UFOs from your metaphysical bent and emotional preferences.

There's no end to the amount of pre-prejudiced, superstitious, wishful thinking in the UFO interpretations of many Internet sites. By contrast, the photo documentation, field-reports, serious research and discussions concerning genuine crop-circles are quite sober. On the other hand crop-circles can not be militarily attacked as threatening, the way strangely-humanoid bodily forms or more competent foreign aircraft can (although black helicopters chase after BoLs and dive at croppies). The formations remain in the fields until harvesting time for anyone to see; they don't abruptly disappear after a few seconds or minutes, nor are photos of their energy too hazy for discernment, nor are they seen at an indeterminable or insurmountable distance from witnessing eyes. Their messages are clearly imprinted artefacts for us to try to decipher. Their internal symbolism is fascinating for our minds to work with, it teases the boundaries of our collective thoughts, and their forms and lay are charming and beautiful for us to see, even on photographs. They're like "toys put on a carpet by wise parents" (Ron Russell). They occur in a mileau we feel very fondly toward: our growing staple foods.

My hypothesis is that the intelligent beings behind UFOs, whether they're from elsewhere in the universe, from parallel worlds, or a variation of humans from our own future, or have some other origin - that they're now approaching us more intimately, through the new avenue of genuine Crop-circles, which neither threatens their own welfare, nor which we can perceive as perhaps directly threatening ours. In using this alternative way, they're both showing consideration for and yet short-circuiting our emotional fears and ambiguities, while still keeping the overall picture and more specific messages sufficiently (playfully) hidden, to provoke (at the minimum) the evolving of our own world-view and thinking-patterns. Now that people as a whole believe that UFOs exist, these beings find the time right to approach us closer, but with another safer yet clearly gentle tool.

However, the sporadic debunking campaign of also crop-circles by the mainline press, TV, and possibly covertly by the British military - and the ignoring of their stunning, quite easily documented, more "supernatural" features by the mass media - this again suggests the fear by officially established interests of losing some degree of their power, and ironically, of their creditability too. Which of course, muddles the whole issue. And understandably, most people still try to "keep their bearings" by belittling the clear crop-circle evidence, preferring to assume they're hoaxed. But I suppose that through the pooled efforts of crop-researchers who share their information through Internet, circle publications, yearly conferences, and elsewise, the truth will out to the general media and public anyway, as we find it piece by piece.


I hypothesize that one main purpose for the waves of UFO sightings through the years, has been to provoke a shift in the Earth-human mentality, a collective realization that something much more developed than us exists, which is outside our sphere of control, but which we can register with our senses, with radar, and sometimes with film (forms of evidence we value). Something which moves fairly easily between the material and the energetic, with a technology which we technologically-fascinated humans can appreciate, if not copy.

The reason UFOs have rarely landed in populated places is surely partly because we've been brought up (until this last generation) to associate UFOs with alien green men with ray-guns, with insectlike-beings with lowly instinctual behaviour, with invasions and star-wars, and so on. We're mistrustful, and would rather dissect these foreigners than eat lunch with them. Indeed, their technology might be so powerful and foreign for us, that it could at times be harmful to be too close to their craft.

The militaries deny their existence or maintain silence and secrecy, despite the fact that NASA already about 50 years ago began releasing the astronauts' photos of unexplained UFOs which followed or met them on their space missions, and the positive public testimonies of some of these astronauts since then. Persistent rumours of clandestine experiments done on UFO-nauts recovered from crashed UFOs, of attempted military back-engineering of the mechanics of these spacecraft (more recently claimed as partially successful, birth the claim that the military's flying UFOs) - and similar testimonies, multiply upon themselves, among their denials. If they're true, UFOs can malfunction and their occupants be killed - yet another reason for their not approaching indisciminantly too closely. What we’ve historically gotten instead from official media are mostly movies, internet series, and TV-programs about how terrifying and threatening these fictional movie/internet/TV aliens actually are. And lots of stories about involuntary kidnappings (not voluntary rides), and the occasional bad butchering of cows (good for what?).

However, now that the adults have had so very many impressive personal sightings and experiences with UFOs, the recent generation of children fairly often sees friendly little UFO beings in comic books, in children's adventure movies, in ads, in the media. And these new kids will grow.

It seems though, that UFOs have made their more private and personal contacts/relations through the years anyway. However, those people who say they've had some degree of ongoing or close friendly contact with UFO-beings or craft are still mostly thought of as weirdos. The channelers who often are so fervently and blindly believed in, need carry a lot of positive projections from their followers. And those people who say they've been abducted are self-proclaimed victims. So there's not much chance for UFO-beings to pass on balanced messages in this prejudiced atmosphere.

I suggest that the intelligent beings behind UFOs have now accomplished the major purpose of opening our eyes to a wider reality, and that crop-circles have been cropping up at ground-level, with more and greater advanced, precise contents, to give us more detailed messages, as their next step. With this method, we still need to think for ourselves and yet also need to develop a sort of group-mind (in our analysis, group-research, and group meditative-transmissions), while both these talents are requirements for our humanity's positive collective progress (and for getting a yet closer contact with the Circlemakers and their intentions).

The timing of the crop-circles, being primarily throughout the past 50 years, must be part of a bigger picture and peaceful process - the question is which. I suggest that the postulated motives in this section's first paragraph, for the UFOs to be showing up from mostly 1946 (the atom bomb-signal on Earth) onwards, apply equally to the Crop-circles' recent appearance in our time of pollution and imbalanced consumption and waste of Nature's riches - which has resulted in a deterioration of our individual and collective identity, and of our caring for others (social and ethical norms), resulted in short in a collective road of long-term self-destruction, where we really can use some attracting signposts to other paths and some great inspiration along our coming way.

About the circles' placement - if the Stonehenge vacinity's been chosen due to its powerful Earth-energy, why aren't they at the Sphinx and pyramids, or Machu Picchu too? Maybe their global publicity is more assured from south England.


Now let's say you were a member of a higher evolved race than we earth-humans at this time, and that you also wished to compassionately help us in our attempts of collective progress, and to perhaps invite us for a chat when we became sufficiently developed enough not to attack or worship you. For us to develop a more friendly philosophy, we would need to keep calm amongst the unknown, and be willing to tentatively show trust - that is, need to have enough trust already embued in ourselves, that we can relax when a stranger offers his hand - and this must come from within us collectively. You couldn't lift us up too directly, or just put us on the best path to walk, because then we wouldn't develop our own muscles or eyes, and wouldn't feel motivated to do the necessary work.

Collectively, we'd need to agree together that you existed at all, before we'd make serious preparations for a meeting, and if you kept your distance but within sporadic sight, some of us might get paranoid and prepare more for some sneaky guerrilla attack than for a peaceful card-game. So you might leave some symbolic gift and your calling-card with a pretty design on it (even though it was in some strangely-familiar foreign language), just near our house. Then we'd know you were around and could approach us, but did not intend to intrude. Our interpretation and understanding of your message might still be a long way off, but we'd take time to consider who this being could be and what his little gift might be useful for.

copyright Jonah Ohayv 3/2000
updated 9/2023

Feel most welcome to write. My e-mail address: jonah102@gmail.com

Some UFO documentation

(If necessary, copy the link into a new window to open it. If it still doesn't work, try the same title at https://duckduckgo.com (click videos) or another impartial search engine for an alternative link.

If the video or photos disappear in time, you can essentially find the same material by looking up Brian O’Leary, Gordon Cooper, Edgar Mitchell, Bob Lazar, Steven Greer / The Disclosure Project, UFO movies by James Fox, and UFO photos.)

Whistle-blowing testimony by 3 American former astronauts and
other highly-placed witnesses about governmental UFO-knowledge:

"Brian OLeary NASA Astronaut Blows Whistle On UFO"

”Astronaut Gordon Cooper Talks About UFOs”

”Astronaut Gordon Cooper’s UFO Sightings”, 12 minutes

”Former Astronaut Explains The UFO Cover-Up 2013”, Edgar Mitchell

"We are not alone – David Grusch Interview", June 2023, 41 minutes

From the available documentation, to my understanding, nearly every unmanned and manned launching into outer space, including the Russian moon-rockets, met with or was for a period accompanied by UFOs.

"The Lazar Tape & Excerpts From the Government Bible", April 2021

Dr. Steven Greer’s valuable work for thorough disclosure
https://drstevengreer.com/, https://www.youtube.com/@DrStevenGreer55

From his website’s opening page - ”The Disclosure Project is a research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 750 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first-hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.”

Some good UFO documentary movies and classical famous photos

3 feature-length documentaries by James Fox:

”The Phenomena”, 2020, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtoEXN2JBHA

”I Know What I Saw”, 2009, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGMGOdKOPKk

”Out of the Blue, 2003”, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYPCKIL7oVw

”5 Best UFO Photographs Ever Taken”, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMstQMHlSdo

”10 Real UFO Photos That Will Leave You in Awe”, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxtEW1S0tw8

”UFO photos collection #1 to #4, 1870's – 2012”,
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZaCjbOIDTI and so on
compiled by Tony Tkalec (contains both authentic and hoaxed photos

updated 9/2023

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