Areas of correlation, for discovering
Strings of Messages

Some suggestions for investigative research into
areas of correlation, to better understand
the Strings of Messages between formations
and the Layers of messages in each crop-circle.

1. The formations concentrated in the small and most famous area of England for their occurence, are fairly easily discoverable. It's inconceivable that the order of their appearance is simply random. Trying to find exact ongoing relations in their symbolic content and geometry shuld give leads. These appear to be woven throughout a season and throughout the years, rather than to be simply linear. Relating these woven strands to one another would possibly give overall patterns.

2. Each formation is probably laid in a special place most befitting it. What are the relations between the precise fields' wider locations and settings, of even the position and directioning in the field, and the circle's form and possible meanings? Do any comon denominators become apparent?

3. When a field hosts two separate figures, which larger complementary meaning do they have? Where varying figures are laid in the same field in different years, what's their connection? Which relations in meaning might there be between circles in nearby fields, and what may lie behind those cases where a set of lower formations are visible from a hilltop circle? How do the specific circles bordering Neolithic ceremonial sites and energy-centers relate to the purposes and former/present usage of those sites?

4. Some exact historical symbols have been laid (for example, the Sri Yantra mandala and the Kabbalistic "Tree of Life"), some circles are recognized by anthropologists and indigenous tribes, others closely resemble stylized known symbols. How were these symbols earlier used in practice, and how does what they stand/stood for relate to us?

5. The precise dates of appearance, and the time-lengths between them, must relate to the formations' individual and collective contents. What else occurs on, or is associated with, those days and intervals, and are there related commemorations? Is there a calendrical connection?

6. Are a season's opening and closing formations special? For instance, does the opening one somehow preview a season's contents, and the closing one prepare for the next year's quantum jump? Researchers often generally agree that certain formations are highlights or watersheds - concentrated team-research on these will then yield keys.

7. Some formations are obviously geometrically exactly built upon precise predecessors and continue later into new developments. For instance, as with the Julia Sets of 1996 (here and here), and the Koch fractals of 1997 (here and here); the cases where a pattern becomes the inside core of another pattern. This creates an ongoing sequence which is perhaps foreseeable, and leads into a direction of meaning in each case. How about examining the implications of these linked or thematic sets?

8. Since the energy-radiation and geomantric effects extend both into the soil and through the air above the formations, let's assume they're a cross-section of larger 3-D solids, themselves possibly in movement. One could generate or build the most likely models of these energy-solids, assuming the necessary clues are mostly given in the formation's shape and in the progression of very similar shapes. How could we use or interpret what we end up with?

9. Sometimes the upper gradations of depth or the "folds" of a complex solid (its above-ground section) are apparent, from the detailed shading and swirling-patterns in the aerial view: for instance, in the Roundway Hill "water drop" (here), the Longbarrow pyramid fractal (here), and the Silbury Hill parallelogram (here and here), all from 1999. There are also plane-patterns where some faint construction-lines or faint counter-shape boundaries are visible from the lay. Who will complete them in models, to see where they lead?

10. In multiple-layered formations, figuring backwards through the overlapping and mapping patterns layer by layer, should give us the time-sequence or power-application order behind the stalk sections' fall, that is, the probable creation-sequence. This will reveal both technological details, and perhaps the reasoning behind interrelated floor-patterns.

11. Surely the combinations of special lay-features and types in a particular formation must have related meanings - otherwise why bother to use both clockwise and counter-clockwise, sunbursts and nests, vertical layers of fall, node-levels, standing tufts, etc.? What's the language behind lay-types?

12. A geometric jigsaw-puzzle method. Since formations are of different measured sizes, if we imagined combining these into a giant, growing system, where the parts (the key segments or meanings) are proportionate to their relative sizes (or electromagnetic strength or frequencies), which possible overall systems would result?

13. The initial subjective physical symptoms, emotional moods, and degree of rationality of a number of visitors to circles have been noted and selectively measured. By using this as a scale, we can place the symbols in question in various orders. So how would the intention and meaning behind those symbols correlate to their immediate effects on people? Keeping in mind that our subjects may become acclimatized to the energies or even desensitized, hour by hour, and that their symptoms might vary on different days for other reasons.

14. What mental, emotional, existential states do we arrive at when we repeatedly, alternately focus on several overlapping sub-patterns? When cycling through the layers of subsidiary and major formations in a formation? When we, for instance, move our minds with the rotation or let the 3-D figure gradually build with our eyes and brain? What does this juxtaposition of perspectives show us about our sensing and thinking, and about deeper realities?

15. When steeped in input, study, and speculation about crop-circles, which dreams, sudden insights, synchronicity-events, and likewise do we get involving them? We can only take so much, before the brain-hemispheres spark the A-ha(!) experience, itself usually pointing to much fuller understanding.

16. Group-meditation on one circle-symbol, or meditation by individuals on some chosen formations they find alluring, for a period over a number of days, should give information about these circles' psychic content and thereby purpose and some usages. Slowly walking the lay sub-patterns and underlying paths in a formation, with open intuition and spirit, asking its meaning, or group-meditation in its power-centers or middle, should do the same.

17. Using an organic metaphor of growth, like the flower jigsaw-puzzle. Like a flower's blossoming of petal-layers, the formations are probably unravelling on alternating layers through time, forward and around and back, up and over and under. Their messages are probably unfolding more holographically, more in some enhanced "dream-time", than according to our usual, basically one-dimensional, straight-forward logical system.

18. By extrapolation from the history of presented circles, assuming that the same growth tendancies will continue for say the next 7 or 10 years, what results would there be? For example, for we humans? Of course, we could never have correctly predicted the evolution and convolutions of the 90's formations back in 1989. But the more complicated patterns of recent years may point a clearer pathway. Looking into the future may illumine the present.

Several of these methods are undoubtedly in working progress here and there, but it could be useful to spread them more widely amongst researchers and croppies. Naturally they reflect my own bents of thinking, and you may well have a lot of extra good ideas.

copyright jonah ohayv 3/2000

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