Pattern in high grass

translated from Borg Jensen's report

My small pyramid was built in early 1980 in Denmark, north of Aalborg, as a miniature of the Cheops pyramide. It's base was 12 x 12 meters. Just south of the pyramid along the road Toftkaervej was a fenced-in 50 x 50 meters field of knee-high grass, which was to later be used for grazing sheep.

One summer morning in 1993-4, we discovered that a pattern had been "drawn" in the grass. The symbol resembled a backwards "N" (N reminds me of my son Niels, who lives in Canada), and it lay in the North-South direction. It's two parallel lines were about 25-30 meters long, and the distance between them was about 10-15 meters. The diagonal cross-bar line was extended a little beyond the other lines' sides. All three lines were about 2 meters broad.

The pattern's grass was clearly lightly "burned" and the grass-straws were rotated clockwise in a continuous spiral down the lines, as if by some tool. The fence was apparently untouched, nor was there any path going into or out of the pattern.

We phoned the UFO-patrol in the city Aarhus and told them about the phenomenon, and they came with a geiger-counter the same day. At the roadside it was activated, but when it was taken through the field, it stopped working - it simply went "dead". After examining the lines, they drove home. The next morning however, all the lines had become about a half meter broader. We had a dog, but neither it nor ourselves had heard any noise during the night.

We decided to spend the next night in a pyramid-shaped tent within the pattern inself, so if anything strange happened, we could experience it. Both the dog and ourselves stayed awake all night - we watched the clear night-sky. About 3 A.M., we saw a formation of 5-7 "stars" fly over us from the south-west. The dog barked furiously and showed clear signs of agitation.