Crop-circles as an evolutionary nudge to
our world-view and intellect


One interesting point, hard to overlook, is that the best overview of a crop-circle is either aerially or from underneath it. It would therefore seem that its creation takes place from one of these two directions, both inaccessible scaffolds for us as walking primates. Our vision is usually limited by our height.

To so nearly-perfectly create live circles like these in organic fields requires a knowledge much superior to ours, of practical energy-technologies of physics, especially as they exactly affect biological entities, such as the many sorts of growing, sensitive plants and human beings. The creators must also understand how to speedily and precisely manipulate the micro-behavior of nature's basic elements. This alone proves that more evolved or higher beings than us exist, who are expresssing themselves in our back yard. Their playful geometrical sophistication and their knowledge of the essence of our philosophical history, which even we have largely forgotten, shows a level of conscious skills and mental repertoire beyond our present abilities and understanding.

In our repetitively linear, rectangular food-fields, as a supplement so noteworthy that it appears to stand in contrast to our modern methods of agricultural survival, the diversified beauty (even at second-hand in photos) yet complex order of the many crop-circle symbols, implies (almost involuntarily for us) a series of improvements, suggestions and ideas. Is this presentation an encoded alternative to the probable future we're growing for ourself and creating for our environment daily?

One universal science or language could consist of frequencies, precise levels or numbers or sizes, shapes and forms, types of movement, relations between time and matter and energy. These formations metaphorically imply other dimensions through for instance, an implicit invitation in the spatial geometric figure itself, for us to complete or continue its construction. Ilyes has pointed out that they among other things involve lessons in conscious "manifestation", and suggests that the circles express harmonics which we too consist of on deeper levels.

Apart from the wealth of literal "meaning" contents, the allusion to or graphical illustration of something else (such as galaxies, eclipses, atomic constructions, possible energy-tools, etc.), the very fact that these formations are manifesting has a psychological impact on us, which when widespread enough, can become a societal and then a species impact. For instance, witness here the necessity of group-thinking, of cross-disciplinary research teamwork, because there's just too many intricate angles here for one type of specialist to register or figure out.

Aside from the immediacy factor, there's surprisingly little difference between the content of formations interpreted as acutely necessary ideas for even our relatively short-range survival - and when they're believed to be desirable, offered, abstract ideas useful for our general evolution into higher dimensions.


Perhaps variations of these symbols, or the principles they contain and radiate, are common themes among life in the Universe. It's said that each diagram exudes its unique energy which can be used differently; maybe each one transmits the "shadow" of its own creative energy. As we subconsciously resonate with these patterns, in awe or entranced at their beauty and complexity and present unexplainability, the harmonic vibrations we subliminally recognize may stimulate us through a series of lifts which indirectly push us into the next dimensions. Entrancing us into a mental mutuality, is perhaps one definition of initiating communication.

A code can be viewed as an inspiration given to reach the mental-set and state of mind, its connected ideas, and the subsequent knowledge necessary, to decipher it. Multi-layered holograms can quite likely transcend our evolved level of ego-based consiousness. By reproducing the flow of a geometric form in our own state of mind, thinking and feelings and mood - by in some way entering and trying to merge with the frequencies which a circle "freezes", those which created it - we resonate with it, and will then experience and realize some of its implications. First you get into the right state of mind and get the general idea, but to really understand, you have to directly experience, and be able to reproduce or reply congruently to the stimulus.

The senses we use in observing and thinking can pick up only those perceptions of outer reality which are on their own level. For us to notice, correlate and first-hand understand more, we have to develop more acute sensing. Surely, for understanding these awesome and beautiful figures, this entails in our case a growth of communication between the ways of functioning of both our brain-hemispheres. Upgrading the serious use of right-brain perusal (the non-verbal, pictorial, musical, receptive, intuitional, feminine functions), as well as continuing our left-brain rationality (the mathematical, verbalizing, examining, linear, masculine functions).

So in contemplating the circles (what they show and what they imply), we're stimulated to intellectually develop, which brings us into meta-intellectual or spiritual realms - a growth process which needs take years, and on a global plane, probably requires more than a generation. The circles have already been cropping up since at least the 1970s, and been highly visible since about 1990. Among other things, they may be friendly bait for our evolution.

We're given the ideas to think about (the manifesting of circles, plus their given symbols), but we have to do the thinking ourselves - perhaps they're even a partially hidden incentive for us to do so. As in the best Socratic teaching-method and Pythagorean tradition, we're tutored through our own guesses, fueled by our desire to reach consistent answers, while the teacher is always steps ahead. Therefore, in their progressive growth, the presented riddles (the circles) have pieces purposely left out, as clues and complications, to whet our appetite.

copyright jonah ohayv 3/2000

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