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7. Pitt crop circle disc idea - music?

I was just at your site and thought the disc on the Pitt crop circle might be musical, like a music box. It looks like there are 16 lines and if you use two eight note scales side by side (or some other scale(s)) over the disc and spin it like a record on a record player, it might make an interesting tune. This "Song from the Universe" may have some other major significance - mind expansion, spiritual connection, raising large stones, time travel, space travel, reversing pollution, an energy source, animal communication, crystal activation, healing, etc. (Hopefully NOT a weapon!) The song might be linked to ancient religions or tribes, so maybe some living religious or tribal people would recognize it. OR it may be a signal of verification to the crop circle makers...

Also, the notes themselves, or the vibrations they make, may make another code - like sand on a hard surface will make patterns when vibrated. Hey, it would be cool if it made something like the original pattern or some other crop circle.

Artists may conceptualize the songs into works of art; writers may get inspired. Well, that would go with mind expansion. I am not a musician or a code worker/programmer, but my two sons are. I would be happy to help.

Wendy Haylor - 28.04.08

6. The meaning of Crop Circles

Our home, Earth, is truly unique. In mathematical statistics, it is one of thousands or millions of inhabitable planets of solar systems sprinkled throughout the Milky Way and beyond. Yet, where else can one find such richness and diversity of land, water, air and light? - of innumerable plants and animals? And where else can you find Creation's masterpiece, humanity? Yes, humanity with all its faults and imperfections so readily showcased in literature, films and news reports.

Yet, fly high, as a bird, and look out upon the uncountable rhapsodies of love and affection, smiles and laughter - or the simple delight in peoples' eyes. Consider all the creations of art, music, song, dance, costume, cuisine, jewelry, architecture and technology. Consider the numerous forms of government - from despotic to democratic. In all things are hidden the signatures of divine spirits who labored to bring into form the ideas springing forth from the Mystical River of Creation - flowing from the Creator to the Creator.

In the most mundane of circumstances, one can see the glimmer of beauty in form, light, sound, smell and, yes, emotion. For all places retain an emotional vibration of events past and present. Earth's reputation as a wondrous place for physical existence and karmic growth must extend to distances unimaginable. Spirits, no doubt, vie for opportunities to live a life here and others, not striving so, attempt to influence our individual and collective progress through communications, inspirations and demonstrations - such as Crop Circles.

Can the whole of Creation be revealed through just one part of it? - such as a leaf, a rock, a drop of water, a poem? Perhaps, if one perfects the art of looking and let's one's heart lead the coach of one's intelligence. Yet, even without "looking," one might argue that Shakespeare has managed to nearly reveal all in the body of his work.

To Crop Circles - and discounting any man-made ones. They are communications to us from different spirits with many different messages. Exactly what these messages are, I know not. Yet my heart, mind and eyes recognize them as messages of truth and beauty. Many are geometrically balanced and reveal an exquisite repetition of shape in number and arrangement not often found in our human artistic expressions. Yet an over-riding gentle and loving message I sense is that such unusual relationships exist within our realms in dimensions and physical functions yet undiscovered. Whether those functions be found in music, mathematics, or medicine - politics, energy or religion, is for others to determine.

Every story should have a beginning, middle and end. In the story of humanity, Crop Circles have appeared at a point preceding fundamental changes in human societies - politically, economically and spiritually. A small irony is that Crop Circles are created in such impermanent media. One can only hope that through the efforts of photography, analyses and communications, such messages will survive and be reflected in our future days and nights.


Jim Caffrey - 26.06.06

5. Locations and Symbols

"What if" series:

A thought that has been circling my head for a while, what if they are trying to tell us where they live and doing it the best way they know how. X number of suns away. When you look at certain crop-circle collections together they seem to be trying to direct you into a line of thought. Such as the Avebury Trusloe, UK, 2003 series. It tells of either planets or solar systems revolving around a more remote system, with a negative space in-between the systems which cannot be penetrated. The Uffington UK one follows along the same line, but tells of a symmetric set of planets nine long. Some cc's are geometric in shape only, but others might be, I would have to actually see them in a sequence, might in a time sequence be trying to tell us where to look for signs of life. The Adams Grave cc looks to me to be a protectorate sign. And the Hackpen Hill one seems to be some type of federation sign, I don't know. I am grasping now.

I have been thinking for a while that they mean something that we are not setting together properly. Meaning, if grouped by locale, do they follow a sequence? If timed, do they follow events happening in the cosmos? I know, or at least figure, some of the structures are designed to show intelligence, but others seem to tell us a story. Then there are the ones that are totally unique. I wonder if these are not trying to give us a glimpse of what is out there waiting for us.

These are what I have put into this. In the Adam's Grave cc there are huge bird-like creatures, heads of states???, followed by 12 planets and another, head of state???, with 8 planets and another head of state???, and 8 planets for a total of (32). In Hackpen, again 32 planets, with 3 more under their influence and either 2 or 3 outside their influence, all controlled by a center. Why 32 in both cases unless there is a reason? Did they come from the same place, no.

I think that this is a simple simple explanation, but symbolization has been used by us ever since we have been around, and if they, assuming they are E.T.'s, are evolved past the need for speech, what else do they have to work with. But then we start going way into the what if's. I would like to see some one take the pictures and group them into three groups. 1. True geometric indication of intelligence 2. Planet question / possible time or positional sequence 3. Other. Maybe a fourth category is in order, a BS category, which I am not able to determine because I can not see the photos too well.

But I do think that there are meanings. I am not sure that the whole of it is to promote harmony, but it may be to show that that is their primary objective. I do not believe it is a flight of fancy. No pun intended. Anyway, I will keep watching and looking for photos, and a way to determine a selection because "I" cannot see the differences, with the resolution my computer has.

When a cc is a hoax, it puts a monkey wrench into the whole of it. You kind of wish the human race would do the grow up thing. I still would like to see them personally and do some kind of look-see on my own, of course everyone has their own story or they would not believe. If you know of a sight that seperates the fact pictures from the hoaxes, please let me know. I will continue to look at sites for good/hoax, but what a mess. There should be a few definitive messures, but then again, as an analogy, you will always have the one or two who will be talking to Sir Albert Einstein and still say he is dead.

As far as my statement, " systems revolving around a more remote system with a negative space in-between the systems which cannot be penetrated", a lot of scientists tend to believe that what is still pushing the universe apart is that there is an"opposite matter" from space that is operating between the galaxies, and they are not sure we can exist in these spaces. The reason I said something about showing intelligence, in one of the web sites I visited there was an obscure reference to a book coming out and all three of the intricate optical illusions were on the ground the following year. It seems that they were trying to show us that they were seeing what was going on, and responding to it in a kind of way we could understand.

I have visited several sites, and plan on visiting more. You were just one I felt I needed to contact, and which I would like to keep in touch with during my own investigation, which has just started in earnest. I think I will have to start making a list of thoughts as I go to each website.

Allen Doverspike - 10.03.04

4. Transformation, increasing frequencies,
and astrological relations

I cannot escape the conclusion that the foundational purpose behind the crop circles is healing and/or transformation. While the message aspect can't be ignored, the circle makers have shown that they can create any sort of shape and could easily give us some sort of a key to decode the messages.

Also, they began creating circles when no one was really looking, leaving the opening part of their message, if such it is, unread. It seems the increasing complexity of the circles is following something of an alchemical transformation of increasing frequency (translating here to increased complexity).

About "increasing frequency in alchemy", the purpose of alchemy is to raise vibrations (to put it in a New Age sort of language) or to raise frequency. I think the idea can be thought of like this: everything we see is energy at a specific frequency. Frequencies can be raised to create new forms, such as the raising of the frequency of atoms to create different matter. I'm no alchemist, so what I'm saying is a matter of conjecture, but I've an idea that what we know of as alchemy is a leftover of an older science that used geometric analysis (which came down to us as Sacred Geometry) to manipulate the universe.

I think other remnants of this science are to be found in the various configurations and architecture of sacred spaces and temples, which all use sacred geometry (and various resonant frequencies like the F# that the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid is tuned to) to alter consciousness. My thought is that the crop circles are being used in a way similar to those sacred spaces, to alter the planetary consiousness. It's just a thought.

About astrology, I think that the planets have no (intrinsic) effect on us, but they are moved in their orbits by the harmonics of the solar system. If you look at the relationship of the planet sizes and orbits, etc. you find that everything is in a sort of spacial harmony based on sacred geometry. Astrology is only a study of the positions of planets as markers for how that harmony is playing out at any given place at any time. I've wondered if crop circles have also been in harmony with all of that based on their placement in space and time. It would be an interesting study.

Allen Branson - 10.10.02
Open Edge Media:

3. The messages' form

I have this theory about many crop circles:

1. Have a message just as a telegram should.
2. Are designed for long-range communication: a). Due to its design (see below) and due to the type of energy that can be used to create/send them.
3. Are circular to have "redundancy": If some part of the design is lost, the rest of it may tell about the lost part. We use repeating and regenerating techniques for redundancy purposes, they use symmetry. In fact, our use of "1" and "0" is some kind of redundancy itself...
4. Are read from center to the edge: In my best thought, they sometimes have solid circles to fill the space not used for messsaging purposes.

Luis Villegas - 1.10.02
Mexico City

2. Astrological relations

Your site is great! My first exploration into crop circles. To your knowledge, has anybody noticed any possible astrological "alignments" associated with crop circles similar to the way the Pyramids in Giza "align" to Orion? Randomly, I'm visiting Angkor Wat(in Cambodia)in a few weeks (coincidentally on the winter equinox). Supposedly, Angkor Wat (aligns w/ constellation Draco) is an encrypted representation of the universe. Some folks suggest that the whole place is one giant resonance generator (something with the magnetic properties in the stones of its construction) like the pyramids in Giza or Stone Henge. Or even naturally occurring energy places like Mt. Haleakala in Maui or Sedona, Arizona, in the USA. It would be cool it they were all related in some way. Maybe we'll all find out in 2012?

Tiffany Gibson - 2.12.01
P.O. Box 58
Charlottesville, VA 22947

1. High aircraft or satellites

I think it might be laser, or radiation, that is computer-directed from either high moving air craft or from satellites, in much the same manner as CRTs draw pictures on the display. Such devices are sure to have been evolved in connection with military research. In fact, it is rather sure that in the radiation labs they have evolved technologies that are not public knowledge (yet). They have laser guns that can cut up populations from aircraft and even light tanks etc. When they emboss fields with these techniques it's just exercises in peace time. In wartime they would destroy the crops utterly. The swirling affects that are evident in many circles may have to do with vortices that are generated by these radiations. Has anyone checked if the appearance of crop-circles occur when satellites pass overhead, or when aircraft pass overhead at high altitudes?

Kaj Krinsmøe - 24.10.00