Crop-circle geometry

top-notch introductory articles

compiled by Jonah Ohayv

I. The mathematical eqivalents of musical tones and crop-circle's geometrical relations, by Gerald Hawkins and others:
examples - and so on

II. The many-faceted crop-circle geometrical research of Bert Janssen:

III. A high-school textbook of crop-circle geometry, by Nick Kollerstrom:

IV. Dimensional leaps of Paul Vigay:

V. The "Snowflake" crop-circle as a Koch fractal:

(There was also another double-fractal snowflake-formation during the same summer.)

VI. Geometrical construction of crop-circles' shapes: click "geometry" under "articles & research"

VII. Pentagonal geometry behind crop-circles, by Wolfgang Schindler: click "T", then "evolution and geometry"

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