A Message of Dialogue

What if the placement of the 8-rayed sun at Bishop Cannings, in the field just beside the promptly destroyed woven Basket last August, is completely on purpose? (For Ulrik Kox's other Basket-photos, see Peter Sorensen's homepage 1999; for the later crop-circle, see 2000 and also Lucy Pringle's photo here.) It's hardly conceivable that the Circle-makers who often respond to the meditations and wishes of circle researchers, are time after time unaware of the passionate attitudes of last year's harvesting farmer. Or that the tradition of locating formations at strongly energetic power places, along with the extreme precision-placement of the lay itself in both these circles - is matched here by a year-after-year careless, random placement of the formations themselves. Statistically, the very fact that the fields are adjacent, points toward a premeditated continuity.

Just as the Basket's complexity was a quantum jump, it's intention may be a jump in human dialogue. Instead of attracting only previous believers and the curious, these circles suddenly address a proven resister and his sympathizers. Remember, farmers' work produces the grain fields, their livlihood. The message this time is perhaps as much for debate with and within the farming community, personified by this farmer, as for the croppies' enthusiasm. We've seen before, that the circle makers have a provoking, stimulating, and joking side.

By confronting the sceptical camp, a head-on meeting takes place. In the first round, this farmer immediately harvested the gift, but only ten months later, by moving a new gift to just next door, he too gets a chance to move a little and reconsider somewhat. And it's worked! - He's even giving his circle earnings to spirituality (the local church). Earlier, both the researchers and the hosting farmer have angrily accused the other side of "vandalism". But both parts can now learn from last year's Basket - it's a lesson from, not for, the Circle-makers. So one message may be: "Create a more congenial dialogue. Try to understand the other's position."

Perhaps some greater recognition of the individual farmer's role would be helpful in future. For instance, when they're cooperative, naming them personally in the internet field reports if they like, with a grateful thanks for their help. Negotiating more understandingly, not publicly treating them like the enemy, when they're trying to protect themselves. Rounding off these reports with a routine inclusion of the Countryside Code is a good idea. After all, an invasion by innumerable croppies, researchers, perhaps helicopters and film crews too, through an entire season, can seem to be harassment!

photo copyright Steve Alexander


The amazing thing is that after the above formation received the farmer's protection, he received this second one below four weeks later, very close nearby in the same field. Personally, when inside this formation, I felt a calming atmosphere.

photo copyright Steve Alexander

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