Reflections on plausible
crop-circle creator theories

Several plausible creator theories:

1. - From contemporary more developed extraterrestrial beings, using advanced electromagnetic technology, to stimulate our evolution in our time of need, or as a preliminary step to invite us into galactic communication.

2. - From Gaia, to affect humanity's mentality and evolution, by giving sets of ideas and impulses to our unconcious sensitivity, which will gradually surface, so humans will support Gaia's own life-systems, instead of overburdening them.

3. - Earth-healing from powerful benefactors, to recharge the planet's energy-grid, readjust imbalances and create resonances, and implant enhancements on subtle energy levels, filtering down to the globe's dependent life-forms homeopathically and genetically - making imprints upon our consciousness directly, while bypassing our mentality's reductionism.

4. - From friendly earth-spirits, devas, angels with their usual compassion and helpfulness.

5. - Holographic symbols planted by wize ancestors in previous civilizations, or by extraterrestrial beings of yore, to arise when their usage is most needed by us, to stimulate us to pressing insights, and as a "hook" to entice us to deeply study these formations' underlying principles.

6. - From future human beings with knowledge of our history of symbols and thought, more skillful than we are now, to guide us into a new major development and to a greater world-view - including perhaps a tutorship in advanced physics with blueprints - at an interactive rate just comprehensible or palatable to us, but which they appropriately regulate.

7. - From deeply-involved circle-mileau persons, who subconsciously "trigger" specific telekinetic manifestations; or from one or more psychics elsewhere, as conscious ESP creations made for our inspiration and for their own creative joy.

8. - Archetypes from humanity's collective unconscious, spontaneously arising and birthing as polarity responses to f.ex. our information overload/ ego-centered materialism/ anxiety and stress, etc.

9. - From the inhabitants of a contemporary, perhaps nearby, normally invisible parallel universe, who are opening a dimensional doorway for us and giving us "signs" or sending us signals.

10. - From descending, extremely hot, electromagnetically ionized wind and plasma vortices, producing geometric interface-patterns at earth-surface, as they meet the earth's magnetic-lines and energy-fields, i.e. quite new bi-products of nature's non-sentient forces.

11. - Some combination or mixture of these sources and motives, such as creators working together on differing planes with combined purposes.


In the above hypotheses, the "why's" behind creation - the motivations attached to these potential sources - are fairly interchangeable guesses. Also, many crop-circle phenomena are amenable with most of these theses, and deductions from other details often fit several origin-theories. But let's look at these theories one by one, referring to a few of the many special characteristics and anomalies I've listed elsewhere.

Activity of Extraterrestrials

1. The massive documentation since WWII, on film, radar, by personal witnesses and groups, etc., of UFOs' advanced technology - their immense speed, unique maneuverability, (de)materialization, ability to alter shape, energy-aura, disabling effect on car motors, silence, and strange light phenomena ... coupled with the nearby UFO-sightings and balls of light sometimes witnessed just preceding circle-creation, would support the theory that the intelligences (extraterrestrial or whatever) behind UFOs, are also making crop-circles with a much advanced energy-technology. By definition, any other beings who could reach us with these biological symbols lasting a summer, are far ahead of us in utilizing such a creative precision energy-technology.

Maybe our radio telescope signalling, noisy satellite communication, and space rocket programs have advertized our existence enough to attract curious, good-intentioned, humanoid visitors, who are preparing us for a closer contact when we're ready. These peaceful circle-symbols are in fact stimulating our evolution (so far, through the few) to more holistic ideas, which is an important element of what we need for continuing survival. Foreign circle-makers may of course also be simply observing, testing,and pacing our level of intelligence, our emotional understanding, and our spiritual responses, in some scientific assessment of our current status and receptivity.

The circle-creators are in any case mentally interacting with our present level of thoughts, which points to them as contemporary, yet they also have an intimate knowledge of our historical thought-systems (our collective unconscious, barely accessible to ourselves), pointing toward either surveillance of us through many milleniums, deeply telepathic and clairvoyant techniques, or time-travel.

Creation by Gaia (planetary intelligence)

2. Who knows the extent of Gaia's wisdom? Gaia who regulates the balance and interactions of both living species and the geo-physical things of Nature; both climatic conditions and shifts, and the catalytic results of chemical combinations; both the busy biosphere and underground Lithospheric events. Certainly Gaia can affect our consciousness in the long run, our thought-processes, as she needs to (allowing for profound additional influences from sources beyond our Earthly sphere). The implied symbol-ideas: holism, teamwork, ecological care, beauty, simplicity containing multiplicity, etc., are a world-view beneficial for Gaia. The formations' placement above strong earth-energy lines may be either her preferred choice or her only choice.

But allowing for examples in Nature like symmetric snowflakes (kaleidoscopic mirroring), crystallizations, and shell-shape progressions, would Gaia use unique specific, technical, enframed symbols - would Gaia be studying her advanced math so much, and using such precision-cutting tools which form the circles? Gaia's tastes seem to me more general and overall. The motivation would fit, but her preferred tools might be our changing instincts and genes, our intuition and yearnings, the same single inspiration popping up spontaneously in separated individuals (morphic resonance) - and not appeals to our intellect.

Planet-Healing by Guardians

3. The placement of unique frequencies (and the shapes they create, circle formations) along the Michael/Mary line and (respectfully) adjacent to powerful energy-sites and famous Neolithic ceremonial centers, on top of conductive water-sources, as well as so many electromagnectic/radiation phenomena surrounding their creation, would support this. Assuming that this geographical area is indeed a main planetary energy-center, a stronger accumulative influence for the Earth is possibly reached by pouring these varying wave-lengths through the same fields and their nearby vacinities. Maybe distant guardians are helping to lift the very Earth's frequency to some higher level. Although the food-crops, ground-water and evaporated water from these sites are probably mostly locally recycled, they might homeopathically in the longer run have mounting effects on us all.

After creation, the first strong physical effects on humans, animals, and electrical/magnetic machines in a new formation are often unpleasant or seemingly disruptive, so either humanity would not be the prime targeted recipients, or the beneficial long-range results upon us excuse the short-lived bi-product discomforts. However, the mathematical, astronomy-related, and wider religious symbol-contents themselves would seem to point toward human receivers, unless the type of geometrical metaphors (symbols) traditionally used in our abstract thinking are indeed so naturally organic and universal, that in the larger picture, all life-forms will benefit by their energizing.


4. This theory nicely fits our need to feel protected and cared for, but not our actual mythological traditions - the passed-down contents of our encoded history. What then are our stories of the reported materializations from the many spirit-worlds we've encountered through the ages in various cultures around the globe?

Normally, these benevolent spirits show themselves through visions, simple magical gifts are given to chosen humans, the statues of saints cry tears or blood, the water from sacred wells heals. There are plenty of traditions of divine symbol-gifts, like the origins of languages (for ex. Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese pictograms), plenty of holy religous symbols and diagrams (like the cross, Om, and yin/yang), plenty of legendary creation-myths. But there's no history or precedance of folktales, to my knowledge, where a series of extemely complicated and precise visual symbols are given one by one seasonally over a relatively few years.

Spirits and gods do usually come in hierarchies. Perhaps one of these levels of godhead is setting us tasks to solve or giving us tools (useful in other areas) to solve them, or even playfuly but compassionately giving us toys to egg us on, even playing with us.

Messages From the Past

5. This is a pleasant thought - that our faithful fathers are guiding us. One message could be that the entire environment we're part of is longer than this present century and bigger than this planetary sphere. From the viewpoint of interpretation and meanings, there are so many cultural references, philosophical undertones, conceivably organic diagrams, and potential blueprints - so many scientific and technological leads in the symbols' creation - and from the artistic, mathematical angle, so many so-to-speak partial sketches, metaphors, signposts, parentheses and footnotes laid in the formations - that thoughtful investigators are bound to want to know more.

Our possible helpers of the past would need to have mastered a technology of physics-instruments (the balls of light or other transmitters), which we've anyway never heard they possessed. But then ancient civilizations meticulously built pyramids and lay huge ground-drawings by means beyond our ken. But how would they have known in advance of the Mandelbrot and Julia Sets or the Koch fractal, for example? Or are these symbols naturally occurring, but their recognition some kind of milestone in our mental progress?

We'd have to postulate the usage of multiple psychic powers, running backwards and forwards along our time-scale. That these ancestor-spirits or extraterrestrials clairvoyantly knew our later symbols or implanted them in our mentality, as well as causing their physical fruition now in the fields. And they would have to still be vivacious and present enough now, to interact with the researchers' ongoing process and hypotheses. It's perhaps easier to assume that the creators are contemporary, but with knowledge of our race's history.

Messages From the Future

6. Such time-travel backwards to us as the ancestors in need of help would answer a number of objections. It explains the special intense interest in our welfare (survival egoism, loyalty, compassion for our/their own kind). Their chief motive would be to guide us on to themselves, or to their level, a feed-back loop. They may, for example, have genetic access to the intimate knowledge of our intellectual past, and have unearthed many ideas which earlier moved us. They'd know what we as a race weight most heavily in our present traditions of thinking: physical action (finished products), visual and tactily experienced measurable evidence over a period of time (common sense, scientific research), symbolic language (formal communication), and elegance/symbols of thought-systems (theoretical speculation) - and circle-creators use all of this. They would be long familiar with the layered details of this biosphere's Nature-systems. In short, they'd know what we needed and how to reach us, and when to do so.

As Martin Keitel's Finnish contactee Mira points out, on the astral plane we can move forward and back in time, and on the mental plane move at the speed of willed thought. Included in the required, advanced mind-technology for this model, must be some form of two-way traffic - an on-going, contemporary, mental communication with the meditative, visualizing, and hypothesizing circle-researchers and enthusiasts most involved. The increased numbers of discovered formations may be a reflection of "feedback" to researchers going out expecting to find them, rather than an increase simply due to more people successfully looking for them.

Psychic or Subconscious Creation

7. The overwhelming arguments against hoaxing are well-known and convincing. No one has demonstrated the witnessed creation-technology or its anomaly-marked results, and most circles are not predicted. Yet there's much documentation, that the deep-felt wishes and visualizations of involved persons or groups have triggered a close variation of a specific pattern in a specific place. Perhaps the progression through time of our thought-processes, from curiosity to study to a mental "search", to collective thinking and willing, somehow stimulates the making and content of the ever-more complex progression of formations. Unknown but assumed creators seem attuned to our (psycho-electric) relevant thoughts. Maybe they're purposely nurturing and encouraging our enthusiam, rather than strictly following some agenda of pre-planned shapes.

Consider however the powers of those sages who have been documented materializing objects. Surely someone with sufficient psychic powers could mentally materialize patterns in wheat. Psychic materializing however is near the speed of thought; it doesn't take 20 seconds, nor require outside tools. So what about all the evidence of a specific technology of heat/radiation energies, with its lights and trilling sound - would these be plausible tools for a sage? What are the chances that a mental magician or holy man would also have the knowledge of both the many-levelled geometric relations in the forms, and of recent themes of modern mathematics (fractals etc.)?

Traditionally and at their best, miracles are created to heal and to draw attention to a verbalized ethical or religious teaching, to create faith in the miracle-maker as a holy messenger - but here we have anonymous creators with no explicit message. Yet one could imagine a gang of playful yogis somehow finding these symbols and relaying them as a sort of joke on modern scientific thinking, to inspire our way of thought. But wouldn't they somehow let this be known after all these years, to dramatize their aims?

Spontaneous Archetypes

8. By their supposed definition, archetypes are inherent in all humanity. How are archetypes usually made? Maybe they "come together" for visionary individuals at different places, who express them by known means (artistically, ritually, socially, etc.). Archetypes spread because they fulfil a common need; that need accentuates them when they "go public".

Our growing cultural disparity during the latter half of the Millenium may be about to give way to a more homogeneous one, in a world where technology is rapidly diminishing the information gap between peoples. Maybe we can use some new archetypes, as alternatives to the cliche symbols of a dominating culture going worldwide, but in many ways askew. As a race, we're focusing much attention on our common specific problems, but only diffusely concentrating together on needed solutions - much less so, on esoteric geometric shapes which could affect the patterns of our thinking. So aside from the evidence of advanced technology behind their creation, although such symbols can benefit us, we'd probably require some help beyond our own collective power, to systematically access and present these archetypes.

Interdimensional Coded Signals

9. The gift of possibly nearby, invisible neighbors offering us a new world-view, counsel, communication, is both a comforting and shattering thought. But considering that the crop-circle phenomenon's components are so consistently precise, why should these neighbors have waited until precisely now to reveal themselves and clearly signal us? Is there any indication that we've suddenly grown closer to them than earlier?

It may well be that such denizens of another dimension cannot directly send us anything we might consider to be of a physical nature. Anything constructed in their dimension would be as ephemeral as they themselves. However, they may be able to control some physical/psychic forces for a brief moment, a number of seconds or minutes, and we experience these transient effects (phantasms or poltergeists) as balls of light and the trilling sound, while they may have also discovered a way to affect the local energy of growing crops in a field.

The main objection to this thesis is that our senses' evidence for stable parallel universes, such as reported experiences from visiting them, is almost totally lacking. Of course, events and beings on higher, faster-moving frequences, may hardly be visible for those whose survival habits and sensation-boundaries are attuned to lower frequencies. Perhaps such phenomena as synchronicity, premonitions, visions, shamanistic encounters, ghosts, and encoded signs from the dead could constitute evidence of these parallel worlds.

Natural and Geophysical Effects

10. Could non-sentient, impacting natural vortices produce such specialized shapes as the Sri Yantra mandala (11/97) or the Overton Gasket's small hexagram componants (7/99) ? Crop-circle patterns as a whole are so innovative, sequential, and exact that they entail conscious intention. Many crop-formations are far too detailed, their sub-parts too complexly geometrically related, and their perimeter boundaries too sharply-cut to be the product of small whirlwinds or other natural forces which should have been around for milenniums, not just for a few years in primarily certain types of fields, in mainly a small geographic area.

We could however hypothesize that the synergic effects of massive pollution, that chemical and electromagnetic imbalances, or even some other modern catalyst we've not yet recognized, may cause certain winds to behave in a most "un-natural" way. It could be that human psycho-electric energy and psychic experimentation takes advantage of and modifies some natural freak wind conditon, giving us especially the more "complicated" crop formations.

Overlaps and Simplifying

11. The theories are simpler if we assume only one creator-source, and unweaving the components' relations, if they stem from varying sources, opens the unpleasant prospect of a huge number of possible permutations and complex theories, that become harder and harder to prove in practice. Our imagination and projections can run wild with competing scenarios. But teamwork or combinations drawn from various categories of the above creators, would at least answer all the simple objections of the thoughtful researcher.

copyright jonah ohayv 7/2000

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